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At an early age, did you know that Dostoevsky's life was spared at the last second before a firing squad? Read more of his biography...

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 Fictional Works by Dostoevsky
Year Title of Literary Work Type Etext
1846 Poor Folk (also called Poor People) short novel
1846 The Double medium novel
1846 Mr. Prokharchin short story  
1847 Novel in Nine Letters short story  
1847 The Landlady (also called The Stranger-Woman) short story  
1848 The Jealous Husband (also called Under the Bed and Another Man's Wife) short story  
1848 A Faint Heart (also called A Weak Heart) short story  
1848 Polzunkov short story  
1848 Out of the Service ?  
1848 The Honest Thief short story  
1848 The Christmas Tree and a Wedding (also called The Fir Tree and a Wedding) short story
1848 White Nights (also called Bright Nights) short story  
1849 Netochka Nezvanovna medium novel  
1849 The Little Hero short story  
1859 The Uncle's Dream short novel  
1859 The Village of Stepanchikovo (also called The Friend of the Family) medium novel  
1861 The Insulted and the Injured (also called The Insulted and Humiliated, The Humiliated and Wronged) medium novel
1862 House of the Dead (also called Notes From the House of the Dead) medium novel  
1862 A Nasty Anecdote (also called An Unpleasant Predicament, A Silly Story, A Nasty Tale) short story  
1864 Notes From Underground (also called Notes From the Underground, Letters From The Underworld) short novel
1865 The Crocodile (also called An Unusual Happening) short story
1866 Crime and Punishment long novel
1867 The Gambler short novel
1868 The Idiot long novel
1870 The Eternal Husband short novel  
1871 Demons (also called Devils, The Possessed) long novel
1873 Bobok short story
1875 The Adolescent (also called A Raw Youth) long novel
1876 The Heavenly Christmas Tree (also called The Heavenly Fir Tree) short story  
1876 A Gentle Spirit (also called A Gentle Creature, The Meek One) short story
1877 The Dream of a Ridiculous Man short story
1879 The Brothers Karamazov long novel

 Non-fictional Works by Dostoevsky
Year Title of Literary Work Type Etext
1876 Diary of a Writer: 1873-1876 memoirs  
1881 Diary of a Writer: 1877-1881 memoirs  
1862 Winter Notes of Summer Impressions memoirs  
1859 Complete Letters: 1832-1859 coorespondence  
1867 Complete Letters: 1860-1867 coorespondence  
1871 Complete Letters: 1868-1871 coorespondence  
1877 Complete Letters: 1872-1877 coorespondence  
1881 Complete Letters: 1878-1881 coorespondence  
n/a Unpublished Dostoevsky: Volume I notebooks  
n/a Unpublished Dostoevsky: Volume II notebooks  
n/a Unpublished Dostoevsky: Volume III notebooks  

Title of Literary Work Author
Dostoevsky: The Seeds of Revolt 1821-1849 Joseph Frank
Dostoevsky: The Years of Ordeal 1850-1859 Joseph Frank
Dostoevsky: The Stir of Liberation 1860-1865 Joseph Frank
Dostoevsky: The Miraculous Years 1865-1871 Joseph Frank
Dostoevsky: The Mantle of the Prophet 1871-1881 Joseph Frank
Reminiscences, Volume I Anna Dostoevsky
Reminiscences, Volume II Anna Dostoevsky
A Writer's Life Geir Kjetsaa
Dostoevsky Leonid Grossman

(Bibliography courtesy of Canon Bryan...If you would like to add any books to this bibliography, let us know)

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